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Call Types

Dialectic distinguishes seven call types, and interprets each phone number it is asked to dial as being one of these seven types. The Dialing Rules specific to that call type are then applied to determine the number that Dialectic will actually dial and the Dial Method that will actually be used.

Dialing Rules call types annotated

Thus, it is important to understand what the call types are and the logic Dialectic uses to determine the call type of a number.

More succinctly, here is the logic path to determine call type:

1 Configure Call Type. The Configure Call Type pop-up menu of the Dialing Rules pane of the Preferences window allows you to configure the settings for each of the supported call types for the current Location.

2 Update All Call Type Configurations. If you want to use the current Dial Method configuration for all call types, click the button to the right of the configuration pop-up menu. This allows you to easily set the Dial Method configuration for all call types but you may still need to modify the individual call type settings (such as local area codes) as necessary for proper dialing from your locale.


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