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The AppleScript Dial Method is an extensible category. If you have some way of dialing that is scriptable through AppleScript but for which Dialectic contains no built-in Dial Method, you can create a script and tell Dialectic to run that script as a way of dialing. What the script does is entirely up to you. It must be in the AppleScript language, but this does not mean that your mode of dialing itself need depend upon the AppleScript language; for example, if you have a mode of dialing that requires being driven by a shell script, the script can use AppleScript’s “do shell script” command.

To help configure Dialectic for various devices & services via the AppleScript Dial Method, we offer many free scripts on the Resources page (see the “General Dialing Configuration” section):


These scripts can also be accessed & installed directly from within the application by selecting the “Configuration Utilities..” menu item from the Main Menu.

applescript Dial Method annotated

1 AppleScript Dial Method Category. The group of all AppleScript Dial Method configurations.

2 AppleScript Dial Method Configurations. Configurations allow you to customize the AppleScript Dial Method using different scripts for different types of calls or locales.

3 Script. The actual script that will be called when using this configuration for a call. See the AppleScript Dial Method Format section for more information on creating a script that conforms to the proper format. You can use the “Choose Script” button to locate a script or you can simply drag and drop a script file from the Finder to designate it the Dial Method script.

4 Create New Script. Click this button and a new skeleton script will be opened in your default AppleScript editor (most likely the Script Editor application). The skeleton will allow you to quickly create a new AppleScript Dial Method script.


Open AppleScript Dial Method Configurations

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