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Cisco IP Phone Dial Method

The Cisco IP Phone Dial Method expects you to have a Cisco IP phone connected to your network and to be using either the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) or Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CallManager Express) server.

Note: When using the full CallManager package, the credentials provided must be valid for a known user in the global directory with a device association with the target phone. If the credentials are invalid, or the authentication URL is not set properly in the CallManager administration configuration, the call will fail with an authentication error. If you are using the CallManager Express package, you must manually update the authentication URL to use an authentication service that will allow the call to be dialed. For your convenience, we offer such a service. For more information about configuring your Cisco IP phone, CallManager or CallManager Express, and Dialectic, see below.

cisco ip phone Dial Method annotated

1 Cisco IP Phone Dial Method Category. The group of all Cisco IP Phone Dial Method configurations.

2 Cisco IP Phone Dial Method Configurations. Configurations allow you to customize the Cisco IP Phone Dial Method using different devices for different types of calls or locales.

3 Username. Your username as configured in the CallManager software.

4 Password. Your password as configured in the CallManager software.

5 Phone IP Address. The address of the phone you want to use.

6 Priority. The priority for calls dialed by Dialectic (e.g., Dial Immediately).

7 External Link. Link to external site for more information about Cisco IP Phones.

Enabling Cisco IP Phone Dialing

For Dialectic to dial your Cisco IP phone you must be using your Cisco IP phone with either a CallManager or CallManager Express installation. Further, you must be using a proper authentication service. The CallManager Express package does not offer a built-in authentication service so you must manually update the authentication URL to point to a validation service that will allow the call from Dialectic to go through.

Configuring CallManager Express

  1. Login to CallManager Express.
  2. Enter the configuration mode, then the telephony-service configuration to modify the authentication URL for your phone so that it points to our authentication service:
    Router# configure terminal
    Router(config)# telephony-service
    Router(config-telephony)# url authentication http://www.jonn8.com/dialectic/html/auth.php
    Router(config-telephony)# no create cnf-files
    Router(config-telephony)# create cnf-files
    Router(config-telephony)# reset all
  3. The IP phones connected to the CallManager Express will now reboot, one each 30 seconds. Once your phone has rebooted continue to the Dialectic configuration steps below.

Configuring Dialectic & your Cisco IP phone

Configure Dialectic to use the Cisco IP Phone Dial Method and enter the IP address of your phone along with a username & password (for CallManager Express any username and password should work as long as neither value is blank; CallManager requires a specific username and password as registered with the CallManager server). To help setup Dialectic, you can use the configuration utility “Configure for Cisco IP Phone” available for free from the Dialectic resources page (see the “General Dialing Configuration” section):


You can also access this utility from within Dialectic itself by selecting the “Configuration Utilities…” menu item from the Main Menu.

Note: You may want to assign your IP phone a static DHCP lease. If not, when the IP address for your phone changes, you will need to update your Cisco IP Phone Dial Method configuration in Dialectic with the new IP address or else Dialectic will not be able to dial your phone.

As long as your Mac running Dialectic and your Cisco IP phone can “see” each other (i.e., they are on the same network), then you should be all set to dial at this point so go ahead and test it out.


Open Cisco IP Phone Dial Method Configurations

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