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When using Dialectic, there are many times when you may need to allow the application to make an external connection to an Internet resource. This will happen if you are using a Dial Method that accesses a remote device or service (such as a VoIP service or an URL). If your network requires the use of a proxy server to make an Internet connection, you can tell Dialectic to use this server (and your credentials for using this server) in the miscellaneous section of the Dialectic preferences. The password you enter here is not saved in the preferences but in your Keychain. For more information about this, please consult your network administrator or ISP.

If you have enabled the OS X firewall, you may have to modify your settings to allow Dialectic to function properly:

If you are using your computer with a router and want to allow other computers on your WAN connect to Dialectic for these services, you will need to use static ports and you may need to configure your router to allow traffic to get through the network. See your router documentation or contact your network administrator for more information.

Also, to ensure that Dialectic is able to make any necessary connection, make sure that software such as Little Snitch is configured to allow Dialectic to connect.


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Open Security Preferences (OS X 10.5+)

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