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A Location is a complete set of rules for how to dial. This set of rules includes things like what country you’re in, what prefix to use to disable call waiting, how to interpret a given number’s call type (whether it is local, long-distance, etc.), how to dial a number based on its call type (e.g. whether a long distance number requires a “1” prefix), and what Dial Method to use (through your computer’s speakers, through the modem, or through some other supported means).

You can have as many Locations as you like. When you change from one Location to another, you are telling Dialectic to adopt a completely different set of rules for dialing. For this reason, it is helpful to know what Location you are currently using. Dialectic provides this information in a variety of places to help: in the main window, in the main menu’s Location menu, in the Dock icon (if you are using Dialectic in Foreground Mode), and more.

You can change Location in the following ways:

To mange your Locations, please see the Location Management section of the Dialing Rules configuration section.


Open Dialing Rules

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