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Version: 1.0.2
Release Date: April 11, 2007
Script Type: Editable
License: Freeware (GPL)
Installation: Download, expand, and place in your Applications folder or in the Scripts folder for easy access via the Script Menu.
Description: This script attempts to complete web forms. While Safari supports limited form completion, this script is more extensible and allows you to have a single autofill profile for Safari, OmniWeb, and Internet Explorer. Since this script is editable, you have the ability to add any values you wish. To do so, open the script and add or modify the records in “the_inputs” variable. More instructions are included in the comments of the script itself and the included Read Me file. This script could be modified to support additional browsers that support running JavaScript from AppleScript further enhancing its usefulness by allowing your single profile to autofill forms in multiple browsers.